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Can you draw what’s on your brain?

Yes, you can look up random images from your own brain and see if it works for you.

Will you give me a brain in three months?

It could take a lot longer than that, but it will be worth it.

How long has your brain been in a freezer?

About 15 years, but the oldest parts got broken down in it.

When will you draw in full color?

A little while after finishing the animation, then I’ll send it over to the printer.

How long has it been since you’ve done an official design for a character?

Only when animating my own original characters.

How many animators do you have?

It’s about 3. I don’t have many people to work under, so I have to look for them. (laughs)

Have you worked for other companies before?

I didn’t think about it too that much. At least not before joining.

What is the number of characters you have?

Over 40. I only did the original character design for a lot of them.

Will you draw something that’s based off your own artwork?

No. There’s a lot of stuff that’s based off of manga or anime characters. Usually I’m working with a manga artist, but this one’s an original idea.

When will you be making a new character?

I don’t know when I’ll be making my next character, but when I get a new contract, I’ll probably be producing character designs for a new series.

What kind of animation you’re doing?

I worked mostly in CG, but I have a pretty good skill with drawing. If I work on a movie or anime I’ll make a CG model to add some texture, but when making a full time animated character I usually animate in 3D.

When was the last time you made any animations?

Probably around 15 years ago (laughs).

What sort of character or character concept have you been making in the past decade?

The kind of character that I make a lot, is the kind of character you don’t remember from your childhood when you were just starting out in the world. That’s why it’s a character I think children like the most and that’s why I also got so much criticism from parents back then. I think

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