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Do you know how the ink dries? How do you dry ink? How do you get rid of it off a tattoo? Do you have a special kind of ink that doesn’t go off? Do you know how to remove the ink from a tattoo? What exactly do ink tattooing artists use? What are the things you should not miss while waiting for an appointment? What do these answers to these questions have in common?

I’m not a tattoo artist.

I work at a tattoo studio, a place that does have a tattooer, but doesn’t have a full-time tattooist. What’s worse, they aren’t even open on Saturday and I can’t bring anyone to work on their tattoos. They will give you the impression that they do have a full-time tattooist though. Their practice space looks like any other tattoo studio and the manager will take your order if you have it. They charge around $5 extra even though their art is excellent! And in between appointments I see a lot of people who are working out for the first time. In one of the sessions I saw a girl who was in from Chicago (it wasn’t long ago that she had moved to Houston). She had just gotten to work at a tattoo studio and had already lost weight. She looked beautiful! But I didn’t feel like she was in her right mind while tattooing her own boobs right on the back of her legs where she was sitting. It was like she had been trying to fit her boobs into her pants. I think she was in bad shape. In another session I was in class with 3 women who would be going home to Los Angeles when we got it over with. And they all looked gorgeous! They all looked really in shape. But they were all wearing jeans and work clothes. So I asked them where they would be going home to and they told me they would drive all the way to California for work. You might say, “Where are the boobs?” But they were only wearing those jeans that showed off the cleavage! I told them that I was looking forward to seeing their boobs in real life when they got there. They all looked at me weird and said, “It’s nothing. It’s like wearing the same clothes all the time!” They seemed to think that everyone else around them was wearing the same outfit or maybe they saw the same outfit through their work clothes.

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I am not a tattoo artist.

One day I was working as a teacher at a local school. One

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