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I don’t know if I can be a self taught artist, but if I can learn to take pride in myself even if I wasn’t born to this, I think I get to a point where I can get myself to a point where I feel satisfied with everything and do what I want to do and I can be successful in whatever sense of the word success. But I’m not at a place where I’m feeling accomplished.

The first album is an achievement. How are you feeling now?

I feel great. I feel the work is finished, the writing and the recording, and I just need to continue to finish the process. [It] will take me a while to get a little bit more comfortable with doing that and feeling a little bit more confident when I get to be able to start getting a little more comfortable with writing again, and then getting to this point where I feel I can take a little bit more confidence, and then be able to get in the studio and write music again.

What should fans expect from your next album?

I don’t have a lot of ideas, but I feel like some of them I have more ideas with. I’m not going to be writing the same stuff again; I’m going to be writing different styles so that I can really take this energy from the previous album and put it on my next one. The only real thing to give me a feeling of confidence is to just sit with it for awhile now and not really make a decision until we can sit down again and talk to each other. That seems like the best way to do it. [In] a little bit of time, I’ll be happy with the way of writing and maybe I just take a step back for just a little bit and see where this goes. But I do feel like I have some good ideas with the direction that we’re going and, just trying not to think about any of the things that I’ve done before, we’ll just go for it.

You have the opportunity to be the new king of this island?

I don’t know if I ever would ever be the king, but that is what I’m working toward. You always wish to be the next king, and that’s the hardest part, is finding that motivation to really do that. I don’t really have a choice.
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Are there anything you want to say?

I can’t believe I got to write this for this long. That was like two years worth

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