Can I learn drawing online? – Free Online Art Lessons In Pencil

Yes, you can! And while free isn’t always best, it won’t break the bank either.

How does Free Draw Work?

We will show you a few steps to learn how to draw, but if you simply want a full tutorial, click the video to the left.

Free Draw Tutorial | 5 Steps to Learn Drawing Online

Step 1: Select a Drawing Style

As you know, drawing is all art, and in digital art there’s only one style: black and white. If you don’t have a specific style, that’s fine. Just know that the more specific the style you choose, the more time you’ll waste trying to make the process look natural, and, consequently, the more time you’ll spend figuring out how to use a specific style.

We’ll assume you choose a basic drawing that does not include shapes and line that you might want to draw later on.

Here’s a sample:

For some reason, this drawing does not work well without using shapes and lines.

Step 2: Pick Your Medium

Before you can begin the drawing process, you’ll need a sketch medium.

This isn’t a very important step, but it could save you a lot of time later when you start drawing. Most people think drawing paper is a more difficult way to learn to draw.

It’s not.

The process is exactly the same as drawing on a computer, although it takes longer.

The sketch medium you choose depends on what you’re trying to learn.

A basic sketch medium like color pencil can create a more detailed painting and is usually the best choice if you’re trying to learn how to draw and don’t want to spend a lot of time on creating the art itself.

An acrylic medium like acrylic can’t be used with other drawing styles because acrylic paints can cause the brush to stick to everything in a picture they touch!

If you want to learn to paint in a traditional style, an oil drawing medium like oil paint is a safer choice.

Step 3: Pick a Drawing Style

Once you chose your sketch medium, it’s time for your design.

You’ll want to start from a basic concept as opposed to a painting.

If your medium doesn’t have brushes and you find it difficult to find one at your local art store (or if you’re looking to find one for online, there are cheaper alternatives), you can create your own by following

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