Can Drawing be learned? – Virtual Painting Class

A. Yes it can, although it is only useful on the third floor of a castle. If you are having trouble with the drawing, look towards a certain point on the wall and you will see the character that just took a long drawn line. The line needs to move, in order to draw a new line, which you then repeat from time to time. This process is known to take about two hours.

Q. What is the name of the most popular character in the game?

A. Arya Stark (pronounced s-t-a-k-a). It has the ability to turn into a wolf at will and fight for her life. The fact the Stark family has taken this character into the house of the Boltons is a little strange, as the Stark’s had always been somewhat independent from the Iron Islands.

Q. What character has the most quests and side quests?

A. The most important character, in my opinion, is the Greyjoy pirate lord Davos Seaworth. He is the most powerful sea lord to be found in the series. He has the most quests, by far, and he has the most quests in one game (yes, two games). That is saying a lot.

Q. What are some of your favorite locations in Westeros and Essos?

A. I will take all of the top 5, if we were to take a time-line and go back and redo the past 25 years. I would also include the most famous locations that have been depicted in the series, and places that are the inspiration behind any plot line of the books or the show. In short, these are the places in Westeros and Essos that have been portrayed most closely in the series.

Q. What made you decide to become a writer?

A. I went into writing after I played a couple of video games where you had to write some sort of essay. That was a good time for me to reflect on that world and what was important to me. It took some time before it dawned on me that writing stories is really fun and I could also get paid by writing stories.

Q. Would you ever do another season of Game of Thrones?

A. I am still waiting on the answer to that question, but my current thoughts are, “I would love to see a new season of what is already my favorite show, Game of Thrones.”

Q. Who or

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