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No one can. All you have to do is be nice to yourself. Be nice to others, be nice to yourself, and, most important, keep working on your art. / Lesson Plans. 5 day a week ...

I used to do a lot of school work, and the art that I produced could get pretty awful. It would have been the most terrible work I have ever done, and I had no shame of that. My paintings turned out really nicely, but there was nothing like the art my dad taught me that I could make to be great. So now that I am an adult, I make art to be art, not art to look great. I made a video a while back about my art and how I make it, where I explain some of the problems with my process, so if you want to keep it from looking awful, stop watching right now and go back and watch it.

My question to everyone is that I will NEVER accept work that is not of good quality. It should be as close to the quality of my dad drawings as possible, and that is why we have so many artists out there. It is not the most comfortable work, but it should be as close to that as humanly possible. I have made plenty of terrible art, and I have made lots of beautiful works, and I am thankful to have both. But only the very best art is worth showing, because it is the art that will last forever.

Thanks everyone for your support, and I will continue to draw.

Edit: I have added a video to explain why I never sell my art, here:

And a link to the other thread by a viewer who has also watched the video:

I will add links as I see more of each of them. I am trying to find something I can do in the future to put out the art I make at least once a month. Hopefully it gets easier to do it but not all good artists can. I have used several online sites (now all the ones I really like) that allow free uploads so other people can make works of my art, because I don’t want to waste my time on making nothing.I have tried to put up as many images as possible. I can’t really explain it, but

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