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Billionaire Republican businessman Donald Trump has told reporters that his rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Ted Cruz, has “absolutely no chance” of winning the party’s nomination.

The US billionaire also declared that if he does win, he would run as an independent, though he is yet to say what his preferred party.

At least 10 Republican contenders are believed to have officially declared their candidacies, putting the number of candidates to hit the 1,237 threshold of delegates needed to win the nomination at 1,237.

Cruz, who is a senator from Texas, and Ohio Governor John Kasich are believed to have won backing from two-thirds of the party’s Republican National Committee members. They do not have enough delegates to be formally formally nominated.

Cruz, the former solicitor general of Texas, has won 22 contests so far, and has been close to securing a plurality in Iowa and New Hampshire. But his campaign has been hit by a series of disappointing poll results and a slump in fundraising.

On CNN’s State of the Union, moderator Jake Tapper asked Trump if he would accept an additional delegate from Texas, the state that hosted the fourth Republican presidential debate on 23 August. The billionaire told him: “My preference, my preference is, you know, we’ll run as the nominee.” Tapper responded: “You would win if you weren’t in this race.”

He also declared that “there will be no amnesty”, a key pledge that has become particularly toxic since Cruz became an outspoken backer of comprehensive immigration reform. “I would do it so fast, no way,” he said.

Both parties have until 15 July to submit a list of candidates they intend to nominate. The Republican convention will take place in Cleveland, Cleveland, on 28 July. The Democratic convention will be held in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, on 9 November.

Trump made clear that he was not taking any chances. “If Cruz gets in because I think I would beat him in the general in a landslide or it doesn’t get super-duper close [in the general election], then we’ll have people that are going to make up a lot of that people, and I’ve never heard of that sort of thing,” he said. “Nobody knows that. I’ve never heard of that before.”

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