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This is a short quiz for adults from the UK. This site has a quiz tool that would be very helpful to anyone interested in drawing.

How to learn Japanese?

This is a quiz for people who are learning Japanese. There’s some useful language lessons on the site, in addition to a vocabulary test.

How would you know Japanese?

This quiz is for people who have a solid background in Japanese. You should have some knowledge of Japanese as a second language as well as Japanese.

How do you make friends?

The community site Kikouiki uses face to face interviews to find the most interesting people in Japan. The site is quite large, and the interview questions are quite detailed.

How would you learn to code?

The Japanese language site has a site designed to teach Java and Kotlin to an average Japanese person for $1 per hour. The program runs over the Internet and is a bit tricky, but they do help you answer the many questions that ask you the basics of what the program is and how to navigate. The site is designed for people with no prior programming experience.

Do you have a good skill?

This is a quiz for people of any skill level who want to hone their skill. The site is a bit more difficult than some other sites, but once you figure out the questions, the quizzes are quite interesting. Check out the questions below to see if this is your kind of site. (Note: The content is not always updated).

How would you know to paint?

Japanese artist Kiyoshi Murosu will present a series of works that will teach you how to paint and use brushes in Japanese.

How do you know to draw?

Japonic Studio runs a drawing competition, which they call a “Danko.” Participants compete online and submit their drawings up to 8 weeks in advance. The competition takes place every spring from now to June.

Does anyone learn Japanese?

This is a quiz for people who would enjoy learning Japanese as a second language. This site is fairly large, and this quizzing site will go over many of the basic phrases. You’ll need to make sure that you know the vocabulary of these basic phrases. This quiz also includes some vocabulary related to drawing.

How do you make friends?

The Japanese language site has a nice community that features many local language communities. These community

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