Can adults learn to draw? – Free Online Art Classes For Kids

The answer is yes.

Drawing can become a creative, life-skillful skill regardless of age, but kids are better at it. (Some researchers have even found that those with ADHD are better than non-ADHD kids at learning to draw.)

But can learning to draw be fun? Well, yes! With practice, you learn to love working in a sketchbook and it’s fun to do more with it each day. Plus, you build your drawing skills as you learn about the principles of drawing in more detail.

Here are 6 tips to help make drawing fun:

1. Find a style that interests you.

Don’t be intimidated by the large number of styles out there. That said, there’s one style that’s essential for drawing: a solid style. You must know which style you like and build your skills in that line at home or from a drawing or drawing course.

2. Give it a try.

Don’t give up your drawing skills or have your teacher tell you it can work. It may seem that you’ve got no choice but start drawing, but it’s just your body; it’ll develop over time as you start noticing those nice transitions in your drawings.

3. Use a technique.

Drawing is like exercise – just do a little at a time. So you need to learn to apply the same principles to your drawing practice as you do to exercise.

It’s important to learn the right way to draw. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Sometimes a change is very necessary – but not every change will make a difference. In my case, it was just the right decision to move my feet differently to get better line-drawing.

4. Get creative with your line-work technique.
the basics:

First, build up a practice canvas that is easy to work with. One thing I liked about my practice canvas was that I could sit and draw on it with my sketchbook and it never felt cramped. I could write on it, draw on it or use pen and paper or whatever creative tools I wanted for the job.

You’ll also want to use a brush that works well with your drawing style. I’d recommend any pen or brush with a strong paint tip, like a wet brush or a wet roller. If you paint on wet paper, you’ll end up having to do a lot of sanding down to get it wet again.

After you’ve

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