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In one of the studies, the researchers showed the brains of performers, who were given different combinations of letters or numbers, and also the brains of non-completists, non-concerts-going musicians, and non-music artists.

Those who were given letters or numbers in combination had significantly larger amygdalae.

“It’s not exactly clear what that means,” said Professor Michael Ebert, who led the study. “For example, it could mean that that the more you use letters or numbers in a certain way, the more you will affect your brain and that the more you use them, the bigger your brain will be and the more you will require to focus on a task.”

The New York Jets will wear the pink team jersey on the outside for the first time when Saturday’s home matchup against the Buffalo Bills is played.

Rookie defensive end Sheldon Richardson will be the first to receive the pink jersey on the outside, along side cornerback Darrelle Revis and wide receiver Michael Jenkins.

No. 49 has been the sole beneficiary of the pink helmet, as he wore the original uniform against the Jets last season, but was suspended for the opener due to an unspecified violation. He missed the first two games in 2016 after getting caught in a violation of the league’s substance abuse policy.

General manager John Idzik announced the pink jerseys last month in an interview with the New York Times.

“One of the reasons I love pink jerseys is it’s very important to me,” Idzik said. “Pink means that the colors are different, and those are important to us. It is such a different look, it really is.”

One of Idzik’s favorite players of all time is former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu who has worn Pink Jersey in the past. Polamalu also wore pink jerseys once while in the league.

Revis’ team will be wearing their white and yellow uniform throughout a three-game homestand (Thursday-Sunday) against the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings before their next game against their AFC North rivals.

Revis is coming off a concussion suffered in the season opener Thursday against the New York Jets, and is dealing with the effects of the injury to his collarbone that has him out for two weeks on the physical side of the game.

The University of Chicago’s history center is home to a lot of interesting stuff.

It’s home to several of the most

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