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We’re interested in the fact that many artists’ brains can be described as ‘neurotypical’. The brains of artists are different from those of the rest of us. Our perception of the world is very different to the average person’s perception and our emotional reactions are also very different.

The reason many artists have the ‘creative brain’ is that they have been taught to work hard in school and have been trained and encouraged to think creatively – all of which helps you find a way to express yourself in your own way.

How do you define ‘creative brain’?

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The term ‘creative brain’ is derived from the work of cognitive neuroscientist William J. Cacioppo and his colleagues at New York University’s Center for the Study of Language and Mind. The scientific definition that Cacioppo and his colleagues developed is:

The term “creative brain” is the combination of (1) the ability to perceive one’s own creative qualities and (2) the ability to develop creative techniques and solutions to solve problems.

How do you think people perceive different types of brain activity?

When we look at someone’s creative brain function and how it affects their performance, we can see three distinct types of activity that are present:

The first is thought-organising activity. This is the kind of activity that we take out during conversations, that is what we talk about all the time. It’s the kind of activity that is engaged by thinking in order to take our thinking to an intellectual level.

The second type is the kind of activity involving a lot of thinking, the kind of thing that comes with ‘dynamics’. The dynamics are the different ways in which things can change over time. For example, you’re a teacher, your pupils vary over time. You ask them to think about an idea and you ask them to do something about that idea. Sometimes this ‘think and do’ activity is called ‘doing’, other times it’s termed ‘creative thinking’.

The third type is called self-transcendence activity. This type is a result of some people’s ability to think creatively. They’re able to think in a creative way about their own creative abilities, for instance, the ability to come up with a really brilliant idea that could make a difference to people in their lives.

Many people think in creative ways when they have a creative brain, so it’s like an extension of their brain. Creativity is just one

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