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One of the more interesting things about music is that it has no rules for composition. There is no formula for how you should approach a song. You need to find your own style, your own rhythm section, your own vocal melody and so on. I find that this is really helpful. You can go from being a musician making beats and basslines to being an artist who is a composer, making music in a specific way.

How has music affected your style?

This is going back to how you started working with drums. I always was fascinated by how drums could make music because they could be a great sounding instrument if you wanted to play it. However, I was also fascinated with the fact that they could also make you sound very bad if you were playing them that way, so it became one of my main inspirations. I used to make music in this way, I liked the idea that I could use drums to either make my voice sound very bad, or to make the sound of some kind of musical instrument.

How did you first get into music?

Project ART-A-DAY: Lesson 3: Scratchboard
I was a very shy and quiet student with my dad’s help. He taught me how to play the bass from a very earliest age. He used to have a bass player there when he was teaching and he had an amazing bass player there called Tom Denton and it was very interesting because they both had really bright sounding basses and that was their sound.

When did you start to develop the creative side of your personality?

It kind of just clicked in the late 90s or early 2000’s. All the different events that were unfolding, music became a huge part of my life because it was a really good career to be in.

If you went to see The Clash in the 80s what album would they play?

They would all play a different album. The sound was so much different to what we knew it was going into. I just remember watching people in the audience go, ‘They are so good! They are so good!’

If you went to see The Rolling Stones in the 90s what album would they play?

In the 80s, I remember seeing the Stones as a teenager. They looked so fresh and had this cool, kind of old-school aesthetic. However, I was thinking, ‘Those guys are really great, I don’t know what to do, it must be something really amazing.’

Why was The Rolling Stones so influential on you?

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