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A: Some would say so, but I just don’t see it. I’ve always said that my artists brain is like a computer, so I’m always looking for ways for artists to use their computers or for the people in the audience to see what artists do on their computers.

Q: What do you mean by “brain”?

A: I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that some artists have a different type of brain than others and they perform differently — their brains seem to be a little more powerful and they’re able to work off of different types of media.

Q: Why amazes?

A: When I started performing live, I never thought of the idea of brain waves, but it turned out that it’s all that we are — brain waves.

Q: How would you describe the music you do today?

A: I do make music. I really like making music now that I do that. I still do a lot of touring myself, so I just find a way to create music with people on tour. That’s how I make the most money and that’s how I love doing it. I always have some kind of plan or idea that makes people believe that I’ve made it, and that’s my philosophy on music.

Q: Do you think you could use your musical skills to play in the entertainment industry?

A: I’d go to Hollywood and say that I can make movies for them. (Laughs) It’d be hard to do that, but I always have some way to find a way to make my music into a movie and they are not going to let me.

Q: You were on tour a couple weeks ago in the United States. Can you tell me about that and what was the reception of your set?

A: I did a show in Pittsburgh, Ohio with friends of mine and we had a great show that sold out and a lot of people wanted selfies. (Laughs)

Q: Do you think that you are still “touring the earth”?

A: I think that’s the way things must have been, but that doesn’t mean I will be touring the world and working with labels. That’s all up to them, but most of my friends do not want to do that any more. They don’t want to put the work into making a living and keeping the band together because you can’t keep it together.

Q: Do you have any plans

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