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In this post I’m going to be sharing my experience in an art class from the university of Colorado Springs. My instructor at the art school was a lady named Lori who is a local painter.

When I met her she seemed really happy and it was a great experience to see this lady getting paid for what she does. I don’t think I ever had much money left in my pocket, but a class like this gave me some new skills.

The thing I like most about this art class is that the classes are not very different from the ones I had attended at college. There are a couple of things I noticed:

Most of the students at the school were from out of town. One of the students I met was an older gentleman that was one of the only students in the class out of town.

Everyone was respectful of one another. I was the only student in class, but when the professor spoke to me I got some attention. I was in the class with a bunch of very nice people. They were really friendly.

There was no strict dress code. The college does allow for clothing to be casual or worn for other activities, but no formal attire is allowed. When I told Lori that I was interested in painting she told me that at her work place they allowed people to wear whatever they wanted. I didn’t feel like I was breaking the law by showing up in a dress for a class.

There was a special place in the corner where everybody could hang out after class, and I felt like I was part of it.

What do you love about doing art classes at a college like this?

I found a few things that are great about the art classes:

The learning process is fun. The class is focused on a skill rather than a degree. It’s more about how you practice your skills rather than how great you know them. It’s a lot more practical than someone paying $500 an hour to learn how to paint abstract expressions.

Learning to paint abstract expressions wasn’t easy. It was very hard for me to learn things I already felt comfortable with, but the more I painted, the more I felt comfortable. There are lots of ways I can improve my painting, but some of the things I learned in my art class made me feel like I could get better at painting other things.

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