Why do pencils look like rubber? – Magic Tricks With Coins

Because they did, back when the world didn’t have any rubber.

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A pencil was once made from wax. That’s why in a very old paper advert, the pencils look like they have sharpened leaves dangling off them.

But why did the world start having rubber pencils?

Well, back in the 1700s, we did a lot of research into the chemical structure of things like pencils, and found that it’s made from the same stuff that’s in your hair.

That’s called a wax-based polymer which was then combined in a mold, and that made pencils.

But then, in the 18th century, a chemist realised there was a way to mix that up and make them more elastic.

By mixing different types of rubber together, they came up with some new materials that have been very successful throughout history.

As soon as rubber hit the market, pencils started looking much like rubber and it looked quite a natural thing to do.

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A lot of people don’t realize it’s not actually a natural thing.

It doesn’t matter very much how soft or hard an instrument is made, until someone points out it has that special shape or that specific quality, and then they immediately think of this rubber-like look.

But it’s totally artificial and they come in many different variations that can look the same but aren’t.

Because people don’t look at an instrument and say, “Oh, those are the best ones.”

They just notice the difference, and that will be the basis for what the rest of us believe and will appreciate.

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