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They do so by the “extraspinatus” muscle, a bundle of muscles along your neck that’s used for balance and balance control. As you walk, the extraspinatus muscles are at work moving your feet backward and your arms to move your hands down when you’re lifting up something high as a toy.

The extraspinatus muscles are designed to move your legs while you’re walking.

The extraspinatus muscles are located in between your hip and knee joints and help to stabilize your body when it’s standing up straight. To move your legs and arms forward, you rotate your entire body in the proper direction. When you raise your arms, the extraspinatus muscles rotate your arms in the opposite direction.

However, some people find the “extraspinatus in pain” phenomenon annoying. If it is frustrating to move your legs and hands as you walk, you can easily train to avoid using your extraspinatus muscles. Here are some ideas to help you master the “extraspinatus in pain” phenomenon.

Stop using the extraspinatus muscles in moving your legs on an upward or downward slope.

A little extra time spent training the muscles in your “extraspinatus in pain” problem is a good thing! To do this, spend about four hours daily or two hours on more challenging walks or a longer sprint walk such as a 10-minute walk at an incline. Make sure to make a list of where you’ve been and when. Ask yourself what you’re trying to avoid doing that could cause pain.

Do some light to moderate resistance exercises as you improve your “extraspinatus in pain” and keep your list of places you’ve been! Here are some suggestions on resistance exercise:

Light to moderate resistance exercises to improve the muscles in your “extraspinatus.”


Barbell squats

Aerobic Work

Bending Over Lows

Pull ups

Single arm pull ups

Push ups


Bent over dumbbell dips

Tricep Dip’s

Weight Hold

Weight Boxes

Grip Work

Cable Curl (only if this is something you have trouble doing)

Weighted Curls

Dumbbell Reverse Curls

Dips only

Bicep Curls


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