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Because it’s hard to walk without them, you know, like, it’s such a weird thing to go forward and do not like, like, something that you have to physically do and this makes walking very, very hard to actually do.

When it comes to the use of drones as surveillance or surveillance and as a weapon, the United States isn’t making the same mistakes as its international allies. The United States is far behind its NATO allies in terms of drone technology and sophistication. But the United States is making an important shift in strategy. Now, the United States appears to be looking elsewhere—and outside the world’s most advanced, most technologically sophisticated nation—for its next big tech weapon: autonomous weapons.

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The Obama administration is now working on a proposal designed to ensure drones don’t become “killer drones.” Such weapons could allow terrorists to destroy foreign governments and civilian targets—such as journalists or aid workers in the region.

“That’s the big problem,” said Andrew Schwartz, a former U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia, who is now an expert at Stanford University’s School of Global Policy and Planning. “Any time you give the enemy something like this—as opposed to the weapon itself being a killer drone—it will be a disaster in the making, whether through a mismanagement, lack of political will to take a different path, or a lack of technology.”

There are two competing, but complementary, visions for how the U.S. might approach the issue of killing. One involves developing a better killer drone. Other experts say the United States can use this technology to develop weapon systems without making them more deadly than the kind existing today. One strategy is called the “no kill” policy, in which each drone kills the potential threat only in the event the U.S. needs to use lethal force to protect Americans abroad. (A “kill list,” if one exists, is kept on the drones after each strike to make sure the target won’t be missed.) Another strategy is called “kill first” or “kill only” policy, which says drones are to be used only if all options have been exhausted.

If the United States opts for the latter kind of approach, experts say it will be hard to convince allies of this policy. “I would argue that the United States should approach all its counterterrorism programs with a different set of standards,” said Daniel Kay Hertzberg, a professor of computer science and international affairs at Columbia University. “It’s hard to take a drone out

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