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Did you know you can download the entire game from the official Nintendo Website to play it? A new video has been released showing the game’s new soundtrack, including a brand new song for Link’s wife:

The new track is called “Wish You Were Here,” and it’s a beautiful song that showcases the new music composers’ skills at recreating sounds from the classic games.
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Thanks to Nintendo World Report for the tip!

For a long time now, we’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about how the recent “debt ceiling and debt ceiling negotiations” were going. It’s been a hot topic on the blogosphere, both the ones that seem to be true and those that aren’t. One such point is the argument that they weren’t really talks, but a referendum for who will run the country. The argument is that this was just a referendum on whether or not to increase the debt ceiling. The implication here is that if they’d wanted to increase the debt limit, they couldn’t have done it without using an election. This argument gets the point that government should be left alone, but there are some problems with it that have made me think that it’s not so much an acceptable argument as it is an incorrect one.

Before we delve into the argument more deeply, it’s worth giving the facts a chance to sit down and assess them.

The Debtor’s Claim

Now, first off, I think the idea that Congress can raise or lower the debt ceiling is incorrect, and it shouldn’t be used as a way to make political point, even if the argument is backed by a lack of evidence. The debt ceiling is actually a limit on the debt. If Congress wants to raise the ceiling, it has to use a procedure known as a “proposition.” A proposal is an agreement to spend the money. The government agrees to pay for the program. If Congress agrees to fund something, and it does not exceed the debt limit, then there is no limit on how much more funding can be provided (a law says this has to be a certain amount, but I don’t really care). In this case, Congress has agreed to spend $1.055 trillion, and the Treasury has agreed to pay for it at $1.055 that day. When that bill becomes law, there is no ceiling on how much more can be spent (just the amount that the government is willing to go through to fund it).

In addition, the United States is technically a

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