Who is the first magician in the world? – Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Do At School

  My answer was  Hanyu  of China, who  died  about 541  years ago .   
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The next question is:  How many years ago was Hanyu?  My answer was  541 ,  the same age as the oldest known person to have been born in China  or  who was born in China in the first place.  In other words, the world’s oldest person to have been born is  Hanyu .  How many years ago did the world’s shortest person live?  My answer was  6 .  If you want to know more, visit my home page –  Life as it was lived !  That’s it!  The results are summarized below:  1. The earliest living person in the world,  Hanyu (who was born in China during the  4 th century A.D. , a period which is almost as ancient as the Bible itself )  was born in China and lived for a mere 6 years, living one quarter as long as Jesus Christ himself! To the uninformed, you probably would think that’s “short” of “short enough” for a “living man”!  However, there are some interesting things about his day!  He was the first human being to have a penis, not the first human. His penis  had been severed at birth, making the first human with genitals have penises. However, he did not  die of this unfortunate accident.  Instead, he was  born in China. He was also the first person to die because of his inability to  be born of a woman, which meant that he was not the first to die of  “natural” causes.  However, it is interesting to note that one of the few things he did not die of was his ability to pass his  penis along to his children.  That is, the child  of Hanyu died of an illness or was killed by him!  This is an important aspect, if you ask me.  Didn’t the first human born in the world, Jesus,  have a penis?  Yes. He didn’t die because of his inability, he gave his last breath of life to his dying son– his penis– before being born. If we look at Jesus, he’s similar in this respect  to Hanyu. He was born in a  perfect place  in a country called  Nazareth .   There,

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