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This question, like the idea that a magician must be of course a magician, is as nonsensical in the modern age as it was in the medieval age. There are many different kinds of illusion, some more difficult to master than others.

As for being a true magician, the idea that you have to be an absolute genius is ridiculous. Anyone who can be called “incredible” is a genius with a wide variety of talents.

In the case of James Deen – a man who is considered an outstanding performer and who has been nominated for a number of awards – to be accused of being a “joke” just because he has been accused of cheating people, even if he was acting under duress, is simply preposterous.

This is because anyone who has the will to live is capable of anything, and in fact it is the person who is capable of doing it at all that most often wins in a fight.
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Now this was published before the allegations that Deen had been “forced” into sex with women by his father were brought up. If that is a serious accusation, however, then the suggestion that it is a joke ignores a lot of the evidence which supports the allegations.

For example, how is it possible that a man of James Deen’s calibre could have been able to have sex with his father, who could have easily been arrested for his behaviour, yet nothing has happened?

I have spoken to numerous people close to him and they say that he felt that he could not be hurt when his dad did it; the idea he could have his mother or sisters in England arrest him is laughable to them.

How is it possible that James Deen would have been able to go to bed with his father and sleep through the noise of the police, yet nothing has happened?

He was even quoted, “I don’t think your dad has had to go to jail for anything.”

If this is indeed the case, then it is ludicrous that the media have claimed Deen has been raped. I personally feel that it is the same thing.

The allegation is that James Deen was caught having sex with an underage girl who had slept with her own father. I would like to remind everyone that no one was sexually assaulting or abusing anyone else or using any kind of “force”, it was not consensual and yet Deen claims he was forced into sex with his father in order to protect a girl who was in danger of getting

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