Which country is famous for black magic? – Simple Magic Tricks With Hands

Let’s find out on a map, according to Wikipedia.

Rhoda Shrestha/Business Insider

The most famous country in the world for white magic is France, also the home of black magician Yves St Pierre.

“There is a myth about France that black magic is practiced there; no, it actually is not practiced there,” the white magician told a documentary on St Pierre’s work after his death to the BBC two decades ago.

Another example is Brazil, a country whose reputation for magic was founded by Santa Maria da Cachofola, a witch who was the first woman to have been executed for witchcraft on Brazilian soil.

And the only non-South African country on this list is the United States, not surprisingly because, just like France, it has a black magician.

In the US, black magic is the subject of a popular TV series called “Soul-Crushing Black Magic,” and an online movement has sprung up after a black magician was banned from performing at a New York hotel.

This is not the first time the white magician has been accused of practicing black magic in the US. In 2014, the New York City Commission on Human Rights said the white magician tried to perform black magic on a white patron at a New York City restaurant.

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