Where did the idea of magic come from? – Youtube Magic Tricks Tutorial All You Need Is A Paper

The first person to discover magic was a woman named Sarah Magdalene. Around 450 A.D. Magdalene received a vision from God that said there needed to be a church that could communicate with the Gods and heal people. To do this she needed to be close to the Earth to heal people and then bring the church in contact with the Gods who had received them. She decided to take part in the healing ceremonies by placing herself in a place to see what the Gods had seen about her and they told her how to spread the word. By doing this she gained great power and was able to heal many people. When she had a vision a woman named Sarah and her disciples were asked to move out of their home in order to reach the area the visions were taking place. However, the disciples did not have the courage to follow this command and only got out when they could not get back home. The disciples told Sarah and her disciples to take the women back inside the church and told them that this was part of the plan. When they moved back in the visions ceased and no more visions were seen with the female follower. When the disciples got home, they found that none of their disciples had ever seen the female follower but when they asked the woman who had the power to heal who was there she told them that they were all hallucinating. And that when she saw the vision she looked to the right which indicated that she was lying.

Are there any miracles you cannot explain?

The idea seems to be that God can do everything through Christ. But when you understand that this is untrue you might wonder why God can not speak to Christians and do any miraculous thing through them but cannot heal their sick? In the Bible, it is said that God cannot talk to sinners but only to believers and that those he can only send in to heal people. Some Christians might think to themselves God has no desire to hurt them and thus would have no power to heal their sick. But when you ask this same question in regard to any kind of miracle (I don’t have the exact word) you find that many of these do indeed occur in the Bible. The apostle James explains that “The god of this present world is become as he was not, or in like manner also his enemies: in wrath he doth judge the world, and by fire: For by fire ye may understand that the fire is come down from heaven: and what is more, that he hath herded cattle into a deep pit.” James 4:8

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