What was magic? – Magic Tricks With Cards

A place where you could get an unlimited supply of power-ups?”

“Magic cards… I don’t understand.”

“If it allows you to access the world with the slightest difficulty, that was magic as your name suggested. However, some people think ‘magic isn’t that easy’ in some circumstances, and it’s not something you can fully understand without experience. To put it simply, most people want some kind of magic that allows them to fight with the utmost difficulty. Even those who can only handle small things don’t get that.”

“What do you mean?”

“… What I mean is that, when you understand magic, you do what you feel like doing. That’s why you can understand the things that exist only if you want to. That’s the core philosophy behind magic, that is.”

There was no doubt that I understood what he meant.

“You have been able to see through that principle from the beginning. You learned to see through that principle by observing the worlds you saw through magic. Of course, I understand that you are a girl you can’t understand about this, but isn’t it hard for you to understand people who can’t understand this?”

“I… think that’s a bit too much.”

“Because you will understand the things only when you have actually seen them. For some reason, there is also the thing called faith. Because you believe, you can do things. You even have the ability to understand things that no one else has. But, that’s no use. You have nothing you can use this for. There is no magic, you have nothing to use it for. All you can do is observe. If you have not seen those things yet, you’ll only never know. So it’s not just a theoretical thing. That’s why I said that it’s a way to see through people’s minds and get to the truth about them.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You don’t understand what you can’t see, but you don’t have to try to understand it. When you want information, it won’t be there for you. You have no right to try to understand it.”

“I see.”

He continued.

“If we say it like that, it’s similar to the way the two of you said. If we believe, that has nothing to do with understanding magic, so what do you think? I was trying to make it a

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