What was magic? – Magic Trick Cut Person In Half Gone Wrong

That which made the most difference to humanity was magic.

That magic could be easily observed and it could even be replicated. Magic was the ability to transfer one’s soul from one body to another, which was the most important feature of a magic user. The magic was used to transfer the soul of a person to another.

The transfer of the soul’s ability was the core of magic. But why did it happen when a person’s soul passed through a mirror?

Because the souls couldn’t pass through a transparent material, they had to use the energy of the surrounding stars to transfer through a mirror.

The stars were the source of the star power, and the stars themselves could only be used during full moon and on the nights the gods spoke. The stars did not exist in the space which was between the Earth and the moon. It was the same for the space between the Sun and the Sun. It was necessary to use the energy of the stars for the transfers.

If the stars were not around, people wouldn’t be able to take the soul of another person and transfer it to another life.

Because the stars were a necessary ingredient in the transfer for magic, they were a source of all magic’s resources.

They were the key that would allow a person to take the souls of two people and transfer them to the other body.

But humans had other methods for transferring souls.

For example, when a man and woman tried to take the souls of other people, a person would have to get permission from the god.

When there was a problem in how the soul was being transferred, the gods would intervene, often to the god’s expense. Even then, the gods usually made a request for forgiveness. The reason why they made such requests was in exchange for the souls being transferred.

For example, when a human tried to take the souls of another person, the god would probably ask the human for permission. Once the request was approved, that soul would be sent to another person. Usually a dead person was chosen as the transfer candidate, but it didn’t need to be that way in most cases. The gods could also choose their own candidates, but then the human would die before the transfer was made. It had been said that only a certain amount of souls could make it to another body.

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Once there were too many souls, people would lose their lives.

The souls were considered a commodity that could only be purchased in

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