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Yes, it is. His birth name is John Robert Teller. He was born Dec. 21, 1950, in New York City. He is of Czech, Jewish, English and Welsh ancestry. He grew up in Brooklyn, and studied journalism at NYU and New York University. He worked in national coverage, then at CNBC and CNBC Prime News; and now is the President of Global Research, a research firm that specializes in market research.

How did you get into politics?

Well, I am a lawyer and I have long served as a lawyer. I have been a member of the New York State Bar. Also, I am a graduate of Oxford University, and I have been to Harvard Law School, and I have been the editor of Law Quarterly.

I am a Jew…

And a Democrat. [Ed’s note: Not in the original.]

How did you think of Donald Trump?

Well, many years ago, when I was a reporter for the Journal News, during the first year that I was there, I did a story that was quite sensationalist and pretty unflattering about Donald Trump, as you might recall. It was all over the news-room by the weekend.

Did you talk to him about that at the time?

Well, as you might recall, back then the Times had not given Donald Trump any coverage at all. There were certainly times when the Times was saying that Donald Trump’s chances of becoming the Republican presidential nominee were slim, and I think it was a case of the Times being an objective, professional paper, which at that time was something that they were doing for the first time in their 150-year history.

But the reason that I interviewed him about the Times piece, because then I was looking at other news organizations, and I found that all of them had been quite, well, they were saying these things about him. At the same time, the fact was, I found that he was very gracious and very friendly and he was very good at responding, and I felt good about what we did. I felt very positive about having done the story and that he had responded nicely to it.

At this particular time, I felt it was probably a good idea to start interviewing other people about some of the other media outlets, which is why I wrote the piece that came out.

That was your first assignment for the Times?

Well, when I was getting a start, it was my first

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