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Is your second name James? Or something else? Maybe that last name stands for “We’re from the other side” so maybe it refers to the fact that they live in Texas but that you’re in a different country, just as if the two of you were not related at all? Or maybe you’re both Irish? It could even be that you both hail from Australia.
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2. Why don’t you just be yourself – no pretense of being a “good guy” or “bad guy.” You’ll be fine. They’ll just think you’re an asshole.

3. They will think you’re an asshole, but that does not mean you have to be their bitch/friend. We’re in the land of the living again right? So you won’t have to be a total bitch. And maybe that’s all we need on here. So if you have any questions. Just email us at info@hitchhikerblog.com!

What about our sponsor? Is it a place to visit with your family? Is it the perfect place to stay? It may depend on where you live.

And that is our “What Is Hitchhiker?” Guide. The only thing more powerful than a simple list of things to see and do in a given state, region, or country is a map, as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy did, it’s that powerful:

We hope you enjoyed our little guide to some of the finest and most gorgeous places in the great beyond! But in case you didn’t know. Please take it as a gift to hitchhikers everywhere.

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On Monday, Google’s self-driving car, the Waymo self-driving car. This week, Google announced plans to develop a new self-driving vehicle called the “Project Alpha.” But not to fret, at least in the United States, Google’s vehicles will remain on the road.

For the first time in five years, the company will be testing its cars on public roads and

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