What is telekinesis power? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Easy Paper

Telekinesis allows a creature to move or manipulate objects using telekinesis. Unlike some other forms of power, telekinesis works just by focusing enough power as to move the object or person as well as move the energy.

Telekinesis Power:

Telekinesis power causes a creature to cause a small but significant change in its environment, so that a large, complex object moves.

Telekinesis power works by concentrating on a single object or person, and then using the power to shape the object, making it smaller, lighter, longer, softer or more powerful. When using the telekinesis ability, the object or person must be moving. Any object may be used with any size or shape.

The object or person must move in the environment of the telekinetic.

An object or person may not be controlled by the telekinetic. There is no limit for how long an object or person may be moved.

Telekinesis does not work on objects that are created by magic.

The telekinetic must concentrate on the object or person he or she intends to use telekinesis on.

A creature with telekinesis uses his or her telekinetic to control movement to the fullest extent in order to move the object. A creature takes damage if it does not move for some amount of time.

A few specific conditions must be met in order for a telekinetic to use telekinesis.

The creature may not be moving while the telekinetic is concentrating on the object for the Telekinetic Power to function.

If the target of telekinesis uses its action to make a move action that allows the creature to make no further attacks against it, the creature cannot use telekinesis with respect to the telekinetic for 24 hours. This spell does not count against the duration of the creature’s “telekinesis” ability.

The creature’s natural weapons are not considered to be part of the telekinetic.

The creature or object must have at least 1-inch of clear or transparent skin exposed to its natural light.

If the creature wants to use telekinesis on a creature or object with the Telepathy feat, the creature gains only a 50% chance of successfully telepathic communication if the telekinetic has been telepathic with a telepathic creature within its reach since its last communication.

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