What is psychic power?

Psychic power refers to a kind of psychic ability which you can have. You may have had this ability before.

There are certain things that you can learn about your spiritual power through meditation and prayer:

What is psychic blindness?

Psychic blindness is a kind of psychic ability that you may have had before, but which has now become blocked. If you have psychic blindness, the following things may happen:

You become confused and lose your ability to read and understand human thoughts

You lose the ability to remember things (as if your memory is gone!
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When psychic blindness is blocked, even though you use your psychic power, you may not see anything of spiritual import!

You become aware of the following:

You can’t see how great God is

You can’t see the beauty and grace of God

You see Jesus as your true God

You can’t see the power of the Church

You can’t see the evil at work in the world and around you

You can’t see anything about yourself or your problems

You feel like you don’t know anything about yourself or your own feelings

You can’t feel how much you need help

What is psychic energy?

Psychic energy refers to spiritual energy that has come from the God within yourself, or from the God within Jesus. Psychically, you may feel that this spiritual energy is stronger than your own. You also find it easier to release this spiritual energy into the physical world.

Psychic energy, called psychic, is energy that you use as well as physical energy, in both the physical and spiritual world. Psychic energy is connected with the God within you. It flows naturally out of you and back into Him.

Psychic energy is always within you, even when you do not feel any mystical feelings. When you want to release this spiritual energy back into the world, just be open to the reality of God’s presence and power.

What is psychic awareness?

Psychic awareness refers to a kind of spiritual power that you hold after psychic blindness. It refers to the ability to read, see, and perceive the unseen events that happen in the world. Psychically, you can see the invisible and see with great clarity. You can’t see your mind or your feelings, but you feel their existence. You also feel how much God is there in and around you.

Psychic awareness also allows you to see things that others