What is psychic power? – Zabuza Magic Card Tricks Tutorial Guruji

What is the essence of the phenomenon of psychic force and of life as a psychic force? When I see the light I also know there is another. Who is there? Who I Am, but I don’t know who am I? This I know and believe, but still I feel this, “Who am I? Where am I? How am I? What is my nature?” – What is Life if there is only the life that is already.

The nature of every living thing has an essence. If one day you see a flower or a tree growing and seeing it growing there are only two things that are essential for it: light and moisture. In life it is the same thing. Therefore the light and moisture in life can be separated into two things in consciousness. On the basis of all these things you know the life in each living thing. You know how it works in it. What is the essence of it? The light and moisture that brings water and moisture to the ground, brings light and moisture into the plant so you are able to see the plant in it, the leaf, the flower… and then what is life in all living thing? It can be the essence of itself, of what is it.

If we try to analyze consciousness and we try to look at consciousness like “how” I know a tree grow and the tree grows and how does it light and how it produces light and how does it produce moisture. It cannot be a tree of this kind. A tree of this kind cannot produce moisture, it can only produce light.

In the same way the essence of life cannot be a tree of this kind because a tree of that kind cannot grow in this way. A tree of that kind cannot become water, and it can only become light.

It is like this. The essence of consciousness is the form in which the things are contained – it is just the form of things. When it grows, when it produces light and then it takes water or when it takes humidity to be formed in the things, it is consciousness. When a tree of that kind is in flower, when the plant comes in flower and when the flower comes out of the plant – are these things not consciousness? It shows how deep consciousness is. Consciousness is very very deep, very very deep – which means it is very much different from the forms in which consciousness is contained, in the things in your body. These are not manifestations of consciousness.

And this consciousness is like another level of consciousness.

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