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You know, magic that is not born of physical laws?”

Aurora’s eyes widened once more as she looked at the mage.


I had to stop her from speaking further.

“Magic is a kind of magic. You can tell it apart from the physical by its effect. The magic at work here is no less than this.”

“But just a little more… It’s a bit too mysterious for me to understand…”

“Yes. However, the magic is not one I can understand. I cannot understand it even though I am surrounded by it.”

“There’s a reason for this. It is not just you who cannot understand the physical world…”

“If I did understand it, you could probably use it. But, there’s no need for that. It is for you to understand it. I will tell you the reason later. For now, I must make sure there is no more of the fire that will burn you from within.”

“But, the magic here could burn me…”

Auron stared at his wife.

“Please, no. The flame will disappear once it reaches the limit of its influence. It can’t kill you.”


“And while I can’t save you, I can kill you. But… You know, it doesn’t mean you don’t love me.”

“I don’t have it in me to love you at all… Just in my heart.”

“There is a reason behind everything. I thought what is important to you is no longer important at all. This fire, this power, the power that consumes your life. It is all for you. It was something I wished to do. It was something I felt compelled to do, even for a while, but it is over.”

“Auron, what do you mean, there are no more of the flame?”

“There will be. I know this.”

Auron continued to gaze into space.

“…So, you are giving up what you could not save?”

“…Is that true? It is… That is quite sad, but I did a great deal of work to achieve all this. Even if my life is cut short tomorrow, it will be worth it. If I had to choose, I would take whatever is good for me with me.

“I will not be taken.”


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