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The true answer is no name. If our species wants to preserve our identity and values, then we must make our own name.”

The boy continued, “Our planet doesn’t look very different from what it once looked, so you can’t call it nature magic. Our planet is a giant experiment in the human brain, a piece of our mind, but it’s still nature magic. We can use the effects of nature to help fix the problems in our culture. But the consequences for society are too great for us to ignore right now.”
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“I would think so,” replied my friend. “This world is falling apart, with each new generation of young people without a clear set of values. I agree with you.”

“There is one more thing,” said the girl, “I haven’t been able to do anything, yet. I think that I should do it.”

I watched her move towards the bed, her hand reaching out to her side. “Don’t be rash,” said my friend. “You can’t. I don’t know why, but I know it’s true. You are an experiment in nature. You could only become what you are. You have to take ownership of things. You are part of society’s problem now.”

The girl stared at me. As though the words weren’t enough to bring her to tears, she grabbed me by the hands, pushing me away. Her eyes were wet. “I’ll do it then,” she said. “I swear.”

I let go of the girl’s hands, feeling their warmth. She was a small girl, a bit younger than me, so I assumed that she was still an infant. But, it didn’t matter. She couldn’t be saved.

She stood up quickly, but didn’t move from the bed. She looked almost frightened. As I watched, she started crying, “Thank you everyone for helping me in the world, I’m so thankful. I can’t believe it. Thank you,” as though she was apologizing.

The man put his hand to his chin, wondering if the girl meant for that to happen. But when he opened his eyes to see her tear up, he understood. Tears were being shed in the hall before the hospital, but they were not from sadness, for it seemed that the girl was crying. Instead, it was pure anger, like a child’s. The man didn’t understand and so he took her hand to help her. She didn’t

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