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I don’t understand.”

When she asks about the answer she gets, Han Shuo’s hand trembles in pain.

He’s only a little lower than them, but he had to admit his body was in fact a little tired.

“When you were fighting with all your might against these two warriors and they still managed to escape from you, did you think you could stop their escape? Do you think that your magic can be so strong? You know what this world is like, it’s filled with monsters, and their strength is even greater than yours. Even the beasts are dangerous when you’re inexperienced in magic and lack some of the basics in order to deal with them.”

The girl seemed to be really curious, and Han Shuo knew it wouldn’t be right for him to act arrogantly to her.

“But, I guess…”

Han Shuo says that out of nowhere. It’s strange for him to have said something along those lines, although he wanted to say he had experienced a lot of strange and incredible things in the world.

“When I met you two in the ruins of the temple, it seemed like you were similar. Both your strength was terrifying, and at the same time powerful. You just went to war alone, yet you managed to escape from me. Maybe that’s the reason you still haven’t died. You were a few thousand kilometers away, and I’m sure if I had gone with you to kill you, you wouldn’t have been able to get away.”

This one was really curious. The girl was still looking around, and as for him, he wasn’t saying much.

She’s clearly a person who wasn’t in a hurry, and she had a kind of gentle tone. This was a very different feeling of that child he met in the woods a few days ago.

This one doesn’t ask anything, but that was very clear in her tone.

But Han Shuo didn’t say another word, and the girl continued talking: “When you were fighting with that giant scorpion, when it opened the venomous mouth, it could have been the biggest pain you would ever experience. But I guess this was your fate! You were still alive, and it was you that managed to overcome that monster, even though you had to suffer much. You were so strong and you didn’t feel anything at all. You could have even killed the scorpion that killed you and still had all your energy

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