What is nature magic called? – Magic Tricks For Beginners Card

A : Magi.

Q : Is that your name?

A : Yes, my name is Elva.

Q : I know a little about Elva, do you want me to explain a little bit?

A : Yes, I am the mother I never had. When I was young I watched my son get kidnapped. When the kidnappers came back and asked if they could take me for my little boy I was so angry I wanted to kill them all, so I grabbed a sword out of the bushes to kill them. No one could see me, but you can see the bloody scar on the back of my hand. I had to hide behind a bush, to prevent the villagers seeing me. I only came out when the kidnappers died.

Q : How old is Elva?

A : When I was young, I had an older brother and I felt a very deep attachment to him. I was so tired of watching him hurt, I was sad all the time. So when I was a teenager, I was so sad I couldn’t sleep. I begged Elva to kill me, saying it was what was best for us all. She laughed and said, ‘You have no sense of decency when you ask me to kill you.’ She didn’t even ask my real father, but decided to kill my other brother, he was so young that her own father would never forgive her. I said, ‘I am so sorry. I always thought you loved your brother and never did anything to harm anyone. Maybe it was the right thing to do, and it was what was best for everyone, and I am sorry that you didn’t realise it was the right thing to do’.

Q : When you were a baby, you didn’t know a single word of magic. When you were a little girl, did you know anything about magic?

A : Oh no, I didn’t know a thing about magic at all, I was simply learning that all these things were possible, that they were real, and that we were the only true humans in the universe. I only learnt of magic at four. I only realised about it when I was ten, I couldn’t help but wonder, why am I so alone here on this planet without anyone ever knowing what happened to me? I thought if I just found one or two people to save me, maybe they would look after me. I started looking around, even the forest seemed deserted, there was no

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