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It’s not all about your thoughts, it’s also about your surroundings. In other words, if you can read someone’s intentions behind what they say, this technique can definitely become your most powerful tool at all times. It is a way to take control over yourself, as you are now able to know the thoughts of others. If someone wants to give you an idea about what will happen next, it’s an easy task to guess without them even knowing you know. Mind reading is one of the most effective forms of deception around.

How can I use mind reading in real life?

Do you remember the story “The Cat in the Hat”? If you’re unfamiliar with the story, you might even forget the fact that you, you know, actually saw the cat in the hat. Here is the story in full:

A man called Mr. Hat was taking a shower, and he heard his door slam. He checked his mirror and saw that the cat had walked in through the door.

The cat went up and sat on Mr. Hat’s head. Mr. Hat stared at the cat who was staring back at him.

Mr. Hat turned to his left, and Mr. Cat looked at his right, and the cat looked at his right.

Mr. Hat looked down and saw the cat in the hat, which was just sitting there, not moving. The cat was just staring silently. Mr. Hat walked away from the mirror in disgust.

The cat was gone, and Mr. Hat walked out of his room.

If you’re reading this: You are probably thinking that by now you are starting to grasp the whole story, and what Mr. Hat did was truly strange and wonderful! But if you hadn’t read this blog post already, you need to read it again so you’ll have an idea what is actually going on with Mr. Hat.

If you want to take more of a scientific turn, I’ve also included a great article regarding mind reading on Psychology Today. One of the great things about this article, which I can understand how some of you might not be familiar with, is that the author, Dr. Brian Ferguson, goes into detail about how to spot a mind reader! Read it! You’ll be surprised!

Don’t fear the power of mind reading!

I know there are tons of people all over the world who use mind reading in almost any situation. Even though I am a bit skeptical of people who

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