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– How does someone else’s mind read mine? – How do we know we are not in the possession of mind reading machines? A mind reading machine that reads your thoughts does not need any sort of physical device attached. It can be carried around in your pocket in the state of your mind; it is an external source of information and does not require a direct connection with your brain. However, an ordinary reader such as a pen or a keyboard can be used to assist in mind reading. Many people will feel much better with an external reader such as a pen or a keyboard if they have a physical machine like this nearby. However, we have no way of knowing if someone is mind reading because people sometimes do tell us that they can’t tell how they are doing it! Mind reading is a common phenomenon found in the psychology literature which is a collection of work done in various fields such as cognitive psychology or behavioural psychology.

One thing we do know is that people do not always report this in the same terms! In fact, there have been some very strong statements against it, especially from the ‘Skeptics’. Nevertheless, the notion is alive and well today. It has been suggested by some that people can always and easily be mind reading: in other words, the person is in fact ‘reading’ and has not ‘read’ anything!

In the following sections we will go through some of the major problems and possible solutions of self reading using a scanner.

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Problem #1. A person can read or learn to read by imagining what the information and information content would be if they had it at their fingertips. This makes it very difficult to do. The person then tells us what they ‘read’ when they ‘read’. But how can they know that it is information they would’ve read? (It might be that the person can read the same information without thinking about it!)

Problem #2. Once someone has acquired the ability to read, how do we know that what we’ve received and received from other people is information that they are reading? We’ve probably been reading what we’ve received – it’s not impossible that we’ve been reading other people’s thoughts and information. This is known in some people as ‘mind reading’.

Problem #3. For most people, it is much easier for them to identify what they want to read, what people like themselves are usually reading and what’s not usually read. The easiest way this does it is to look around for things to read, or to talk to

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