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And is it bad?” What if there is a bug that can’t be patched? Let us see if we make it so.


The answer is yes.

This is a blog post of the old-school style. While that will serve to explain the concepts, it will also get pretty technical. To make it more interesting, I’ll break it up into two sections. This is not intended to replace a deeper discussion on the topic. Rather, it’s for the curious, the more perceptive, and the more likely to be confused.

I. The Basics of Mind Reading

In a nutshell, mind reading is the ability to decipher the thoughts and intentions of others.

It is a skill used to manipulate our minds, but also to perceive things about our environment with uncanny accuracy.

The mind-reading ability is called “parallel processing” in neuroscience research. Basically, it is an increase of brain activity as compared to the one’s that would normally be in a person’s brain.

The first two steps in the process are, for example, to use an action-image of another person to infer mental information from that action. Then, the task is to extrapolate that information back into the mind of the person performing that action.

When one looks into a mirror, for example, an accurate mirror would reflect an image of their face and a wrong one would not. And as far as the individual is concerned, they know if they are seeing their own reflection accurately.

An exception would be while doing an action such as walking down the sidewalk looking to other people. With that, we would actually see an image of the other person, but that would be the only accurate interpretation. We would see something blurry where it should be clear, but we would still know we were looking at them.

The same is the case when studying a situation. We might have very clear images of others at a certain moment, but that could also be a result of the observer just “noticing” their actions. Or it might just be that when you watch a movie, you see something that you know is happening, but you may ignore those little details when looking into a mirror, for example.

If you see a person you know is talking or doing something that you don’t, in your mind, it is easy to imagine that that person is speaking with an exact copy of themselves.

The other step is the part where the individual observes information

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