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By itself, mind reading is quite a simple tool. It’s simply a person sitting in front of a computer, with a device such as a webcam, telling you what they see. It can take a minute, or hours or days to see clear results.

But some people use it to look at photographs or video to discover a person’s emotions. For example, if a child with a seizure sits in front of a TV while his mother does another family portrait, the device could detect whether or not his mother is scared. If he doesn’t recognise her, the device will then start a video that shows her in action, and will show how she reacts to her son when he begins to throw things at her.

It’s a small, simple tool that can make a huge difference if it is used correctly.

How does it work?

The device will identify the person’s heart rate, and measure the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in their blood. By measuring the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a person’s blood, the person has an idea whether he or she has had a seizure.

There are also cameras mounted to a wall, which use the brain’s visual cortex to read a person’s eyes as well as his or her body language. So the device can tell whether someone is looking at a friend, or something more distasteful like the colour of his or her skin, or her appearance.

The results are then analysed in the cloud, as they are uploaded to a database.

The method isn’t perfect, and there are ways to mess it up, such as a person who turns their head or touches their nose. So instead of watching one person’s heart rate, a team of people who are able to monitor someone who has had a seizure can look at many of them at the same time. It’s more than just knowing what they’re looking at, it’s identifying it and then telling me what’s going on.

What is the impact on families?

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Mind Reading is one of the more expensive devices on the market, costing upwards of £4,000. It’s not something that’s commonly used by the public for obvious reasons: there are millions of people in the UK with epilepsy, and most will never be affected by this.

In Britain, in the past 11 years, 870 children with epilepsy have had their condition documented with this service: most of them never knew their condition was there.

However, a study

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