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It’s a broad term that can encompass everything from dark arts (magic) and magic-based skills (buffs), to magic that works through rituals (the art of black magic), summoning demons and wizards, and even magic that takes place in parallel worlds (magic from other dimensions).

What is the difference between a “magician” and a magus?

In some countries (e.g., China, India) the magus is known as alchemist, while in other countries the magus is known as wizard. This is because both can make use of the magic system, but the difference is most noticeable in magic that is based on a physical object or a person and not the spirit realm. Another difference is that in the West (and also the Chinese), magic is viewed as being used to make use of a person’s weaknesses, which is considered immoral and unethical; in China magic is seen as an art form that is not only beneficial, but also healthy and wholesome.

What is the difference between a “magician'” spell and the “magical” or “elemental” spell listed on the spell card?

Magic is very much a magical act, but the person who makes the move or casts the spell must also use their mind (the mind of their body or mind of their spirit).

Why do people need to spell?

A lot of times people just want an answer (e.g., “What is the answer?”) if it was not provided by their family or they simply need to know that you know that their answer is correct. Spell cards, for some people, can often be the only way to find out what information someone has, and many people say that their job is to tell people the answers, so they need an answer of some type.

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What are the benefits of spells?

There are many benefits to being able to see/know the answer for sure, as well as finding out information about a person’s past and present. Most of these are the same benefits that a person would get from a book or movie, and many people find that they can actually use their answers to help their families when they go through difficult situations that come up, or that of someone close to them.

Will spells save me from losing my wallet?

Generally, spells do not have the same success rate when it comes to keeping money from thieves, and even though it’s still a good idea to keep a few dollars or change

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