Is Magic natural? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks Coins

No, as far as I know, Magic will not be any more ‘natural’ than regular Magic. There will be a difference in the amount of times Magic can be said to be used and how much it will be used. In theory, the amount of times Magic can be used should be the same like regular mana, but in reality, there is a little more variation. For example, the amount of times you can use Magic in battle is probably much higher than the amount it should be or the amount of times it should be used is much lower, so it’s probably a different experience.

Does that mean that there’s some way that they’ll be able to increase their MP and their HP at the same time?

Yes. For example, a Magic-user is able to increase their MP and HP by consuming mana, so there’s a possibility it is already the limit that the users can increase their MP and HP.

“So how do we use MP?”

Is something like an MP calculator on the player’s head?

“There’s a way to calculate something like that, but it’s complicated. I can’t explain it properly.”

“What about using it without the calculator?”

“Yes. It’s simple to use it, but if it fails, that’s when you get frustrated, so it can only be used when using it right. I will teach you how it works in a moment, so be patient.”


In the same way Magic used to be considered a skill and not a normal Magic that we all understand. That’s why Magic can be said to be an important and valuable skill.

“Since it is a valuable skill, if it fails then you can’t use it, and if it’s used right then it will automatically use its normal function and not fail.”

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“Is that so?”

“If you get frustrated right away then it’s no good. You don’t know when to stop and get frustrated.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“That’s why I’ll teach you the basics of Magic.”

“What is this?”

“You know Magic, right? Magic is a method for the communication between people. Although it works perfectly fine for people, it’s no good for monsters or humans. For you, right now, magic is very simple. It’s just the basic functions you use to do your work. It’s like how

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