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Is Magic a religion?

Magic is a religion. In a sense, it’s a religion. It’s a form of life, and it’s part of a larger living system – not a separate form of life.

So is it a religion for the living? Is it a religion for all living things except maybe certain other creatures and certain creatures only in certain countries? Is it not-a-religion for humans and other animals on the surface? Does that mean that Magic is a religion for all things on that vast, vast plane?

It does. But a human god exists, and that’s kind of a huge deal if not-a-religion.

What are your views on evolution?

Human evolution is a great subject. I don’t deny the fact that some creatures were just more efficient. But we humans are one species, and we evolved, so that makes it all the more important that we study our own past.

Is Magic a religion?

Yes. Magic is the magic of that olde-timee world. Magic is the magic of that olde-timee world. It is the magic of that long, long, long past. I don’t think religion is necessary if the world you’re from is more magic than religion.

So if Magic is this huge, long, long past it’s something that should be studied, studied, studied?


How about evolution. Evolution is a good topic for a religion, but how do you handle questions about the science itself? Do you keep the science and not include religion in it? How about magic? Do you separate science from magic – is Magic a true religion with a strong belief in science?

Magic has been studied to some extent by scientists. But it’s not a religion, it’s not a science, it’s not a philosophy, it’s not a worldview. It’s an idea that comes from the world. So there’s no reason to say that Magic is a religion. If you look at Magic and think Magic is magic, you could be a Scientologist and you would be a Scientologist.

For those who think that we should include science in Magic – maybe you are right to do this because it is interesting and fun. But I think if you separate Magic from science, Magic could become another thing entirely.
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What about reincarnation?

Yes. That’s something I think, at the deepest level, has to be part

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