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The Church teaches that there are five fundamental types of humans. The 5 fundamental types are: a) a rational ego: an individual who will look to the Creator for wisdom and direction. b) a sensual creature: one who finds pleasure in the world around him. c) a physical creature: one who finds comfort, safety and peace in the world around him. d) a spiritual creature: one who has a deeper and more pervasive spiritual experience. Finally, it is a matter of individual preference and choice. So, are individuals or the group that they belong to “spiritual”? (As I have said many times, I am not so much the “God” of anyone of us.) Is anyone “religious?” Well, yes and no. Many of us have been led to believe that all religions share one thing in common: they are all founded on a humanistic “God” (or Gods) and this is often taken for granted, without any actual evidence being produced by the believer. However, the reality is that we do not all have the same definition of God. Some believe that God is an impersonal force, like a force of physics; while others believe in some form of a personal “God” who is somehow personal to each person. We do NOT “believe in God” as simply defined by the word. All religions are of a certain character, based on the beliefs and teachings of the individuals who wrote them. The fact of the matter is that every religious tradition is a collection of distinct beliefs and beliefs that are often held in common by many people. This is the nature of any religion (in fact, we are now seeing the same thing occurring within the humanist movements). You see, the very definition of religion has been changing over time. And each religion now has its own way of trying to explain and interpret this very concept. For instance, there are many different forms of Christianity, from very liberal to very conservative and many of us would call us “secularists”. Some say that the word “Christianity” is “too broad” and that the word “Christian” should be used in a much narrower sense so that we can also refer to the “Christian tradition”. But the real problem is that the term “Christianity” is very different from one tradition to the next (with this particular term, Christianity is a particular Christian tradition…not a particular belief, teaching, belief, and practice). So we have many traditions of Judaism, including its different forms (orthodox, modern, Conservative, Reform
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