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How is it possible to levitate through water without going through a water source?

How to use this:

1. Make sure the levitating object is connected to an air or water supply.

2. When the object is not being used and it is easy to avoid touching the wall/floor.

3. Slowly and deliberately open the eyes, slowly move or rotate the body, gradually open all eyes.

4. Breathe deeply and quickly close your eyes.

5. Observe your body movement and feel any dizziness associated with being on the water surface. (This can be felt within minutes)

6. Make sure all of your senses are calm, like a trance would feel if you were not really sitting there.

7. Observe your surroundings. If your body feels dizzy/strange, try moving the object to a different part of the water surface.
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8. If you have difficulty being able to walk, try to get away from the water.

9. Try to remain still as long as possible and relax more and more as you are getting closer to the surface.

If it does not seem to make sense and your body is getting more and more tense you are probably ready to do a little levitation experiment and find out if that is you being levitated off of the surface. It has been shown in numerous studies that people do not go through the water without feeling something being pulled on/off of them by an invisible ‘string’ that keeps the object from moving. The objects is said to be as heavy as a large doll’s body but there is no evidence for this one way or the other.

For example:

You may have read somewhere that the objects that float on water do not move if the water is only 30 yards away or that the objects do not take off after being pulled towards the edges of the water by gravity alone. These are both incorrect.

A few scientific studies demonstrate this can occur.

One popular paper has been published in 2010 which has been shown to be true in studies where people were floating on water with no external force (external or not), with no moving parts. The paper was carried out by James Deacon and was reported to be carried out in a water environment.

The paper concluded by stating that:

“There were no apparent external forces that pulled the objects apart. External forces were detected only by observing that when the water surface area

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