Is levitation real or an illusion? – Magic Tricks Easy With Hands


Levitation occurs in real life and has been used on earth time and again. However these attempts were not to achieve levitation. More correctly it was the attempt to attain a state in which one’s body could be suspended without the need for the body to move.

An example of a hoax levitation attempt can be seen in the film, “Titanic”. The film was filmed aboard a floating island on New York’s north shore but was in fact filmed aboard an experimental, floating, wind turbine operated to create electricity.

The pilot, George Armstrong Coggins, has since acknowledged that his experience was a publicity stunt.

As is known, some people can levitate by drawing some air into their throat and sucking it out, whilst others can gain this ability by drawing in air through their nose. However, no-one has ever really been able to levitate any weight by sucking air into their mouth.

A similar trick has been used where someone lifts a small, but powerful broom, but this can only be done by moving one’s throat, tongue or lips around in a specific manner.

As seen in the video, it seemed to be possible to do a simple test where one would lift a piece of paper out of his hat and see if it floated.

However, no-one could do this and it is possible that the author is just an actor or actor’s imagination, for example, a person standing on a float might seem like they can levitate, as they can be seen moving the paper in the video. If the person on the float levitates the paper it is unlikely it can be said that they possess levitation.

This is supported by the fact that the actual levitation is done by the weight of the levitation device, which moves the object.

Another method of levitation that seems to be possible, is the simple lift-off and release of a weighted object (such as a bag). Many have observed this feat. However the weight must be kept in front of the body and held still, otherwise the weight will just drop out of a person’s hands or be released.

Lest people think that by doing this one can levitate weight, many have pointed out that the bags used to use this method are much heavier.

There have been examples of people making a weight by lifting the weight of a bag, dropping it on a table and lifting it back up again.

There have

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