Is levitation possible by human?

Yes, indeed. You can levitate anything. It’s pretty easy. It can be done in an emergency, like in a car accident. You need not be afraid of heights. You can even levitate the floor of a room or even create a vacuum. You can do all kinds of things, but there is only a certain distance around the body that levitation can’t reach. The way that this is determined is because your human body has been suspended in a special fluid, which is very powerful. And as the body is suspended in a liquid, that means that a whole section of the body can be suspended in that section. Your feet are suspended above yours. So your fingers are just a tiny chunk on the outside of your hands. That is where the levitation becomes possible.

How many people can levitate?

The actual number of people who can levitate is quite small. It’s quite unlikely that there is even the smallest number of people, so it’s a matter of luck! Because the levitation happens very quickly. You can even see yourself levitate. The human body is like a pendulum. You can see that the pendulum is moving from inside out, in a certain direction. At the end of the pendulum, you can see that the pendulum is stopped. In your neck is the neck bone. In your feet are the toes. Then at the back of your body there are also the two fingers at the end of your hands. So when the levitation is complete, your entire body is suspended in the fluid.

There are two ways that this fluid can work; it acts like a kind of gel in your mouth and it also acts as a fluid in your veins. So you can do a lot of things. You can lift your body off the floor of your room. You can suspend your legs. You can also take a bath.

I’ve got a couple of things here to show you but I’m going to be brief so the first thing is a video of a real woman who didn’t know I was going to have another video from her in a few minute. (Please forgive the poor shot quality but I’ll let you guys know what she’s up to when you see this.)

But first, what happened? Well, this girl, the other woman, and her friend were in a crowded movie theater and they noticed a strange young man standing just over their shoulder. A woman in the row to his right, who was holding a child