Is levitation possible by human? – Really Cool Magic Tricks Evaneratv Double Cross

There are several theories to explain why humans can levitate:

They just need to develop new techniques to lift heavy objects. This may not be possible in the next few decades. Perhaps we will have to develop technologies similar to the space suits of Mars colony astronauts. One technology to consider is the use of suction cups similar to the one used in the creation of the rocket fuel called kerosene in Star Trek.

They have an alternate method: If you have a hard shell (like on your house), then you may levitate it by means of a pressure plate, and push it against the walls of your house. The wall will be filled with liquid, and you may levitate in a circle around it. This does not require the use of pressure plates, just a strong magnetic field. The next thing to consider: some experts have claimed that the human body is “satisfactory” at levitating.

It may be that humans cannot levitate because they have many other organs that are not designed to work as a single unit.

They do just fine while they are on their knees.

Levitation is only possible after great strain or extreme exertion.

All of the above theories might be true, but the best answer for us humans is likely “no.” Levitation is a trick, an illusion. It is not, at least within our current understanding and understanding of how human’s work and think and feel. Most people do not think they can levitate, or that they have any type of control over their muscles. But, at least within this narrow domain of human physiology, what you see are many, many people lifting weights far beyond human limits. This phenomenon is called free-fall, and it is the only time we know of when human’s are capable of this type of behavior. So it is an example to give you an idea of the strength of your belief in our abilities. We believe it is impossible, and so we have to believe it in order to avoid it. What we are seeing, in this instance, is what this illusion is all about: the human brain has developed a way of thinking and of thinking about the world for humans, which, when combined with their own ability to lift a weight, is impossible and therefore, we must believe that they are too light or weak to be able to levitate. This illusion is our own fault, of course, but we cannot say it is ours alone because it is not in our brain or brain structure

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