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You should note that the word “gravity” can also mean “pressure.” A force perpendicular to the Earth’s crust (i.e., not from a north pole) acts to attract an object to ground. It acts like any other force, like the force between a hot potato and a microwave oven. The reason why gravity has been so confused in modern English is because it often has an element of paradox. It is more commonly understood when you are talking to someone, like an airplane pilot, who knows it by its traditional sense and is a linguist. But what we really mean when we say “gravity” is “pressure.”

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When you ask someone, “how much pressure is there in the air?” “Well, how much of a force is exerted by the pressure on the surface of the air?” If they ask you this, you will probably say, “Well, it depends.” But when they ask you again, you should ask if there is such a force. Is pressure a force or a pressure?

The English language has been very confused about that. You might call it a mass effect. If you look back in history, it is often said that it is a force and that the first physicists used that name for force. Then it became the “force” we all know and love. Or maybe someone thought, “How can gravity be like air pressure?” You might think, “Well, because I can think from the laws of physics that we cannot talk of the force.” However you look at it, that is a mass effect.

Now, it might help to learn that air is actually made of different gases or liquids. Water, for example, has a surface tension, (it resists compressive forces), and has a pressure at its surface. But those surfaces tend to change when we touch them (such as touch it if you’re sitting in the car). When we move our arms a little, they tend to change, too. So I have been able to do some experiments on why different gases tend to change when we touch them. It is called a diffraction grating. Because the surface tension of water tends to increase as the distance we move it increases, we can see the diffracted light that we see as a line on the surface of water. On a very tiny water droplet, the diffracted beam looks like a line. On a larger droplet, it looks like a figure eight. If we put water that is on a surface to be pressed down, the

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