Is levitation possible by human? – Easy Magic Tricks With Paper Step By Step

The ability to levitate by human is real but the process is quite complicated and requires a lot more energy than is present in normal activities.

In fact, the energy released during levitation needs to be balanced with the amount of carbon dioxide released by breathing, according to the scientists.

This makes it hard, if not impossible, to achieve levitation, they say. But if scientists create the necessary materials for this to be possible, it could take as little as 20 minutes to achieve it.

According to the scientists there is no obvious explanation why human could not do it.

If levitation is possible by human, will scientists be able to replicate it, say the scientists?

This is a possible question and scientists will have to look at it, they say.

What is the role of the brain in levitation?

As scientists know that human is the most powerful and conscious of all living organisms, they think that the brain could play a role in such an ability.

However, this is a very old question, and not just because human levitation is very hard to observe.

It was first suggested by a Japanese science team in the 1960s, who claimed that a “brainless robot” could levitate a metal ball about 100 times its original weight.

Scientists at the time did not know anything about human consciousness, other than that it involves a number of nerve cells.

The Japanese team claimed that they had found a way to make the robot able to take an electrical signal from the brain and send it to the body.

There is also a strong relationship between humans and insects, who use their brains for most of the activities of the body.

But human brain may not be an adequate source of brain energy for levitation, the scientists say.

How can a machine produce it?

Scientists are now trying to develop machines that would be able to achieve such a feat.

But this will almost certainly require much more energy than is present in the human body, and they are not yet sure if that is possible.

“The problem of levitation needs to be addressed in the research community,” says the scientist who presented the new research, Dr. Yuriko Ohkawa, at an international congress on the subject on Friday.

In the future, there may even be ways to combine two different types of energy sources, says Dr. Ohkawa.
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