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Well, yes and no. Brown has an interesting history. As a former journalist and sometime magician, he was one of the subjects of an ambitious attempt by the late comedian Jack Benny to film a comedy TV show based on his own adventures. In 1970, Brown’s agent was approached by Benny and his wife, Mary Ann, looking into the possibility of a movie and decided that a professional magician could bring their show to life. With a cast such as Brown’s, which included a group of clowns, acrobats, jugglers, clown-carriers, clowns, jugglers (including a “Crowbar-Toting Clown”), and others. There were a myriad of people of various skill levels present on the set, along with a variety of animals, including animals which were used primarily for trick-taking. So yes, Brown was a magician. However, I have seen very few articles, interviews, and books written about Brown’s actual performing. It is possible that he did quite well. And there were no negative things said about his performances. The book Jack Benny’s Laugh Factory was published and was a great success. I had a very enjoyable reading time through the entire set, and my personal opinion of the show, as one of a dozen clowns at a time. So, if I had to recommend a magician to you, I would say that Derren Brown is the most likely. He has performed on the Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as well as dozens of Broadway shows. I am not a professional magician, although I do love clowning and am very interested in getting into the world of clowning. I will admit though that I am not very good, so I am probably not going to start a group of “Derren Brown’s Clowns”, but if you see him do his routine on stage or in front of an audience at a comedy club, I can see himself as a suitable member. I highly recommend Derren Browne’s performances!

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We had come through that period in pretty good shape. And it was with that in mind that

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