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If you’re looking for a book to try out as a game of chance, then look no further than Derren Brown’s The Magician’s Apprentice, another adventure game that comes with a $1.40 cover price. If you ever get the chance to play any sort of game, this is a perfect introductory deck, with both dice and paper cards in this one.

If not looking for game play, then the book was written as both a guidebook and a treatise on Magician’s lore. One chapter details the nature of magic spells, while a second tells the history of different kinds of the art. The second section, The Mysteries, is especially fascinating because it deals with things like the various types of magicians and how the lore changed over the ages.

The Magicians’ Apprentice is set in the fictional town of St. Clair, Illinois, and is designed to be played over several months. We’re assuming that the entire book will be available in paperback later down the line. What sets it apart is that Derren’s personal experience and knowledge of the world he’s creating are integral, as are the unique characters he provides. He even has an entire chapter devoted to the game rules as a bonus, as well. We’re happy to report that there is a print edition of the book which is in a final draft stage. You can pre-order the paperback edition for $24.95 through the official The Magicians’ Apprentice web site.

20 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids
It’s also available on Kindle, which is a great option if you’re a Kindle user. You can find it here.

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