Is Derren Brown a magician? – Cool Magic Tricks With Cards For Beginners

This is a story about the first time he ever appeared in public. It’s also about the second time he ever appeared, with one notable caveat. The difference is that the earlier time he appeared, his appearance was to attract crowds of thousands of people; this time he didn’t do that, and he’s still not in front of a large crowd.

That’s not the end of the story, of course. He does have a magic trick of his own; a sleight of hand that is actually quite believable for someone who is a magician. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the fact that Derren Brown is a magician, because the magician is capable of a greater trick.

Derren Brown is a magician, but he has one more trick up his sleeve. After he was shown on a number of occasions to be a magician, he told some of the audience that he’s more than that. You might even say that his trick is in essence a little more than magic.

One of the tricks Derren Brown did is an illusion so simple that it is practically impossible to see it done even from a distance, but it’s actually a lot more sophisticated than any other magic trick you might be able to accomplish.

Derren Brown told the tale of how when he was a young man in the US, he was approached by a guy named Tom from New York. Tom was a performer, so Derren knew he could get by with doing comedy if he got him some jobs. Derren also had a reputation for being a straight shooter to his audience, or to his managers.

Derren remembers meeting Tom in one of his shows. Derren’s friend, who was in the audience, noticed that Derren’s hair was a good length, and thought that perhaps he could convince Tom to look some more good in his next show. Derren decided to do as he was told, and after he had got Tom to look good he did the trick.

Derren says that this is basically the method behind magic, and in the video below he demonstrates it all:

After that, Derren met Tom on Broadway; he got Tom to wear a tuxedo, and show up in a tuxedo to perform the same trick and get paid a small commission. Derren says this, “is an amazing way to tell magic tricks, and it’s really the secret of how magic tricks are done.” I think this is another fantastic trick he has.

But what

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